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Awaken your original erotic nature to experience ecstatic bliss and revolutionary relationships.

About us

The Tantric Earth Academy is an online pleasure coven devoted to teaching sacred sexuality and wilderness therapy. This is a welcoming community where you can come learn, grow, ask questions, and connect with like-minded folks.

This is your sacred place to experience guided pleasure practices, somatic sex coaching, full and new moon rituals, and workshops.

There are plenty of FREE content and resources available along with paid programs.

Meet Brittney

Brittney Bliss is a Somatic Sex Coach and a Wilderness Witch. She helps people awaken their original erotic nature, while deepening their relationships with themselves, each other, and the Earth. 

She uses revolutionary tools to heal and awaken sexuality in a holistic way. Brittney merges the scientific with the sacred to create transformation on the deepest levels. She helps people feel into their bodies so they can connect with what is going on inside of them and transform it into their desires.  

Brittney applies a blend of holistic tools like breathwork, self-pleasure rituals, trauma healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, movement, and wilderness therapy. This method offers a unique approach to healing and awakening sexuality.  

Her method is backed by the latest neuroscience and empowered by ancient tantric wisdom. She supports people dropping into their primal brain and subconscious, which allows them to resolve the issues on the deepest levels.  

She utilizes a desire-based coaching system, so you don’t spend all of your time focusing on what’s wrong or holding you back. Instead, you use your vision of what you desire to propel you forward and motivate you to heal and integrate whatever is keeps you from living your most profound dreams.  

Brittney offers 1:1 coaching, online courses, sacred ceremonies, and facilities international Rewilding Retreats.


As Leo sun, Cancer rising, and Capricorn moon, working with Brittney is like working with your all things sexuality BFF. She is so easy to open up to and relate with. She also helps you see your brightest version of yourself while holding you with the gentlest and most profound love to keep you accountable while moving towards your desires. 

She has a deep knowing and trust in our ability to nourish our bodies and souls through connection, pleasure, and quality time nature. She is bold, soft, and grounded.  

What is Tantra?

The philosophy of the tantric tradition teaches that everything is one and holy (whole). All radiant encompassing aspects of God/Goddess.

Tantra is a way of life.

A path to enlightenment.

To liberation.

To awakening to the truth of your own nature.

The art of merging Heaven and Earth, through the body.

Tantra = to weave

Tantric = weaving everything together to expand consciousness and return to deepest love.

Recognizing the divinity in it all.

The Tantric Earth Academy is tantric in nature because each practice and lesson is created through the philosophical understanding that each part of us is divine - each thought, feeling, experience, is an energy vibration resonating from the highest consciousness (God / Goddess / Source).

At our academy, we also interweave classical tantric practices like meditation, hatha yoga, mantra, kundalini mudras, pranayama, and deity work — which are all a part of the awakening process to realize the truth of this holy oneness.

While also including Neo-Tantra practices like shaking, breathwork, sounding, meditation, energy work, sexual liberation, and person development work.

What is Wilderness Wisdom?


Our sacred home

Our mother

Our lover

Our creator.

A part of us.

Earth is you, me, and everything in between.

At the Tantric Earth Academy, we are in devotion to nature. Rewilding to our true nature. Living in harmony with all of creation. To help people reconnect with nature.

Remembering the indigenous ways of living.

Returning to our cyclical nature.

Rising up to create Heaven on Earth.

Through ancestral earth skills, permaculture, wilderness therapy, herbalism, paganism, astrology, and so much more.

This deep wilderness wisdom lives within and all around you.

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